Tribute to My Brother Part I

Uploaded By: Niko Zion. Added on: 21 June 2012.
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Last summer, my big brother, Mikey...died of cancer. He lived in the San Fernando Valley, the rest of us live in Orange County. He'd always travel south to visit his family. They say death has its surprises, so needless to say we were floored to discover this massive diecast collection. I rented part of a warehouse to sort it all out, as this collection of gems was extracted from 7 different storage lockers in the SF Valley.
Some unknown force (probably Mikey's ghost) has compelled me to erect this of toys. Now I know what Michelangelo felt like after the completion of the Cistine Chapel. This is his story. Also, if you view in its entirety, you may find it being not unlike a tragic comedy as well as aspiring to irony.